Worship is our key to ministry; it is the center of our focus and everything else revoles around it.  As we worship God with our hearts, he will heal the sick and change lives.  There are four phases to the ministry

Membership - People find a place of belonging, fellowship, and accountability

Maturity - Members work on what they need in the church family.

Ministry - Leadership training programs help prepare believers to deal with the situations they may encounter.

Missions - Home & Foreign



The aim of the TLFC Music Ministry is to usher in the presence of God through music. The Music Ministry believes that in this particular age, music is being used as a powerful means to usher in the spirit of praise and worship. We believe that when this is done in a way that is pleasing to God, the congregation will experience deliverance and revelation in a mighty way. 

In light of the consisent supply of trouble that the enemy brings, the Music Minstry belives that it is important to minster on a consistent level, affecting lives through the power of the Word in our song.  

Finally, the Music Ministry believes that because man was made after the image of an excellent God, that man's tandard should be one of excellence.  To this end, in whatever we are doing, we strive to do it in the spirit of excellence.