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Blue Mountain Christian Prayer & Consecration Retreat

Dates: June 19-22, 2017



$185.00  with transportation.


Important Notice Read Carefully



Please be mindful that when you register to attend Blue Mountain
Christian Retreat, your name will be counted immediately for lodging,
therefore, you will be expected to attend. Since the number of rooms
that are assigned to us are based on the total number that we give
Blue Mountain based solely from the number of people who sign up.
In the past, we were allowed to let people have a room by themselves,
however, Blue Mountain has changed this policy so, we are unable to
extend single room courtesy. Unless there is medical reason whereby
you absolutely cannot share a room with someone else. When assigning
roommates age and other factors are taken into consideration
as much as possible. If you have roomed with someone in the past
and would like to be with the same person, please let us know at the
time of registration and we will be more than happy to reassign you
with that person or persons.


In the event of extenuating circumstances you are unable to attend
the retreat on scheduled date, please notify the staff as soon as possible.
However, if we are already at the retreat, please call Blue Mountain
at (570) 386-2154 and leave a message with their office. Please
do not give messages to TLFC members, it is imperative that you notify
TLFC staff or Deaconess Sharon Justice regarding cancellation and
to avoid being charged a cancellation fee.


The same applies for meals as noted above. You will be asked at the
time of registration if you will be eating meals. Be honest with us, as
it is important for us to give Blue Mountain an accurate count. When
you tell us you will be eating with us, it will be counted and given to
Blue Mountain. However, when you don’t show the Church will be
charged for the meal. We want to be good stewards in handling
God’s money and not wasteful.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation concerning these matters and adhering to them.


If you are interested in attending, please complete the Blue Mountain Registration Form.


Sorry, we're no longer accepting registrations because the deadline has passed.